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The Medicaid application process is often frustrating for applicants and their families. The risk of failure is real. The cost of failure can be financially devastating.


When a loved one is in need of long term care it is likely that there are numerous challenges to contend with. The added stress synonymous with the Medicaid application process is an unwelcome burden further compounding existing difficulties.


Senior Planning Services is the ultimate solution for optimized Medicaid eligibility. Thousands of Medicaid applicants and their families have relied on the expertise of Senior Planning Services . With Senior Planning Services, the promise of a secure financial future becomes reality for qualified applicants. Call us today for your free Medicaid consultation.

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"Senior Planning Services is not another marketing gimic – they have proven their value to our company. They know the Medicaid challenges of our profession and they succeeded with all of our clients. They are worth every penny!"

Regina Figueroa, MHSA, CNHA
VP of Operations

"Senior Planning is just the best thing to happen for our residents, families of residents and our buildings!"

Cathy S Fortin MBA
Revenue Cycle Manager