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Health Care Benefits in Skilled Nursing Facilities

Date - 20th Jul, 2017   |   Time - 5:55   |   Author - Senior-Planning

  The Ins and Outs of Coverage Provided for the Resident Is the time approaching when you or a loved will need to enter a nursing facility? How will you pay for it? The options are confusing and can be overwhelming. You are not alone. Thousands of people enter nursing care facilities every month with […]

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News: NJ PNA increases from $35 to $50

Date - 18th Jul, 2017   |   Time - 9:32   |   Author - Senior-Planning

The NJ SFY 2018 Budget mandated an increase to Medicaid nursing facility resident Personal Need Allowance (PNA) to $50 per month, as of July 1, 2017.  Residents whose PNA accounts are funded through their own incomes will have their monthly cost share/patient pay liability reduced by $15 to allow for the increase of PNA to […]

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Senior Planning Services Partners with Ocrolus

Date - 2nd Jun, 2017   |   Time - 7:08   |   Author - Senior-Planning

Wall Street, NY — Ocrolus, the emerging leader in bank statement review automation, today announced its partnership with Senior Planning Services, a nationally recognized Medicaid application processor.  The partnership will enable Senior Planning Services (SPS) to more efficiently conduct bank statement reviews for large nursing home chain clients and others. Medicaid-Genius, a software product powered […]

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Register For #HealthcareSummit17!

Date - 15th May, 2017   |   Time - 7:36   |   Author - Senior-Planning

What You Need To Know This year’s Healthcare Summit is bigger than ever. It’s on June 19 – 20 at The Coaches Club at MetLife Stadium. We had a Q&A with Ovadyah Stavsky, Director of Marketing at SPS and LTC, to find out what you need to know to get the most out of the […]

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Continuity of Care for Seniors
Plan a Smooth Transition from Hospital to Nursing Home

Date - 27th Apr, 2017   |   Time - 7:12   |   Author - Senior-Planning

Pre-planning for a patient or family member’s move from a hospital into a skilled nursing facility (nursing home) will make the transition easier for everyone involved. Helping the patient with worrisome financial arrangements will ease the family’s mind and placate the patient. You may need to learn or get assistance with Medicare guidelines. For example, […]

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Understanding Sundowning

Date - 24th Apr, 2017   |   Time - 7:15   |   Author - Senior-Planning

Sundowning is the term for daily symptomatic personality changes that dementia patients experience. Sundowning occurs around the same time every day; usually at dusk. You may notice your patient or loved one experiencing some or all of these symptoms in the evening. • Intensified confusion • Agitation • Pacing and wandering • Restlessness • Sleeplessness […]

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Senior Planning Services Interview on 77 WABC Radio (770 AM)

Date - 30th Mar, 2017   |   Time - 2:38   |   Author - Senior-Planning

​Senior Planning Services was featured on ​WABC ​“Mind Your business with Yitzchok Saftlas”​. We’re going to open with Michael Steinberg, the Director of Business Development at Senior Planning Services. Michael, thank you for joining me here on Mind Your Business. Michael: Thank you for having me. Q: Yes, okay. Let’s talk about Medicaid – the […]

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Study: Hour-Long Nap May Improve Brain Function in Seniors

Date - 24th Mar, 2017   |   Time - 5:59   |   Author - Senior-Planning

A daily hour-long nap may improve brain function in seniors, according to a recent study, which was published in the Journal of the American Geriatrics Society. Led by Junxin Li of the University of Pennsylvania, the study examined the sleep habits of nearly 3,000 Chinese adults aged 65 and older, including whether or not they […]

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The First Sign of Alzheimer’s May Not Be Memory Loss, But This

Date - 16th Jan, 2017   |   Time - 4:28   |   Author - Senior-Planning

Researchers at Massachusetts General Hospital have linked an inability to recognize and recall odors as a possible early sign of the onset of Alzheimer’s disease. Massachusetts General Hospital is the largest teaching hospital of Harvard Medical School. The elder care services study was reported in the Annals of Neurology, published on November 14, 2016. A […]

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Niche Senior Living Redefines Retirement

Date - 16th Jan, 2017   |   Time - 4:26   |   Author - Senior-Planning

As 78 million Baby Boomers age their way into retirement, the increasing understanding is that these retirees are not looking for an ”old folks home,” offering a rocking chair and a quiet porch. Unlike the usual cliché of older people in retirement, Baby Boomers remain active and engaged in life. They want socialization, stimulation – […]

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