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Category Archives: Case Studies

Obtaining Medicaid Coverage For A Homeless Individual

Date - 27th Feb, 2015   |   Time - 3:43   |   Author - Senior-Planning

Naomi, a Senior Planning Services caseworker, related her experience in trying to obtain Medicaid coverage for an individual who had no family support and was homeless for a period of time. Additionally, he had poor memory and gathering necessary information changed a simple caseworker into an investigative detective. Ultimately, Naomi achieves the impossible: a Medicaid […]

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Obtaining Title 19 Eligibility For A Client

Date - 17th Feb, 2015   |   Time - 4:47   |   Author - Senior-Planning

Rachel, a Senior Planning Services Case Worker’s experience in obtaining Title 19 Eligibility for a client. Medicaid does not allow gifting to family and friends within the five years prior to Medicaid eligibility. Yet, there are a few small exceptions, one which is very relevant to the following case study. Medicaid allows monies to be […]

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Prepaid Funeral Contract That Was Not Set Up Irrevocable

Date - 22nd Oct, 2014   |   Time - 12:23   |   Author - Senior-Planning

In Mid-April , Senior Planning Services was contacted by an attorney who was the POA (Power of Attorney) for a resident that had been in a nursing home for about a year. At the time the case was retained, the clients had thirty five thousand dollars remaining in assets and an outstanding bill at the […]

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