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What You Need to Know for 2018: Medicare and Medicaid New Jersey Figures

Date - 10th Jan, 2018   |   Time - 5:34   |   Author - Senior-Planning

Medicare and Medicaid recipients will notice some changes to their benefits in 2018. People becoming eligible for Medicare this year should be aware of the costs associated with each service. Medicaid costs vary by state. Here are some of the significant 2018 Medicare figures and Medicaid information for New Jersey. Medicare Part A Costs In […]

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Michael Steinberg Speaks with the Huffington Post about the Medicaid Application Process

Date - 1st Jan, 2018   |   Time - 2:26   |   Author - Senior-Planning

Our own Michael Steinberg was featured in a Huffington Post article earlier this month. He offers information and advice on the two eligibility categories related to Medicaid applications: clinical eligibility and financial eligibility. Clinical Eligibility Individuals over 21 can be deemed eligible for Medicaid services related to skilled nursing, rehabilitation, and long-term care. Clinical or […]

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Important News Regarding Client Stock Resources

Date - 25th Sep, 2017   |   Time - 6:05   |   Author - Senior-Planning

MetLife Spins Off Brighthouse Financial MetLife completed a spin-off of Brighthouse Financial, their US retail life insurance and annuity business.This important news must be considered for Medicaid spend down calculations for anyone applying for Medicaid benefits. You probably know that stocks are counted as a resource. Stock spin offs may increase the number of stocks […]

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Health Care Benefits in Skilled Nursing Facilities

Date - 20th Jul, 2017   |   Time - 5:55   |   Author - Senior-Planning

  The Ins and Outs of Coverage Provided for the Resident Is the time approaching when you or a loved will need to enter a nursing facility? How will you pay for it? The options are confusing and can be overwhelming. You are not alone. Thousands of people enter nursing care facilities every month with […]

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News: NJ PNA increases from $35 to $50

Date - 18th Jul, 2017   |   Time - 9:32   |   Author - Senior-Planning

The NJ SFY 2018 Budget mandated an increase to Medicaid nursing facility resident Personal Need Allowance (PNA) to $50 per month, as of July 1, 2017.  Residents whose PNA accounts are funded through their own incomes will have their monthly cost share/patient pay liability reduced by $15 to allow for the increase of PNA to […]

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Updated: New Jersey Medicaid and Medicare Metrics 2016

Date - 16th Sep, 2016   |   Time - 1:49   |   Author - Senior-Planning

2016 New Jersey Medicaid and Medicare Metrics   Each state has its own unique Medicaid guidelines, and figuring out the exact numbers can be very confusing. The amounts have once again been updated for 2016, but there’s no need to worry about whether or not you’re going to be able to figure out the new […]

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Medicaid Income and Asset Limit Metrics

Date - 8th Sep, 2015   |   Time - 7:38   |   Author - Senior-Planning

Medicaid is a joint federal and state funded health insurance that helps people who can’t afford to pay for their medical expenses. There are many rules and regulation governing Medicaid eligibility including income and asset limits, as well as personal and spousal allowance limits. In addition, the guidelines change annually based on inflation and other […]

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Medicaid Liens and Estate Recovery

Date - 10th Aug, 2015   |   Time - 7:31   |   Author - Senior-Planning

Medicaid liens may only be placed on the estates of a deceased Medicaid recipient whom at the time that they received the care was 55 or older or permanently institutionalized. The amount of the Medicaid lien corresponds to the amount of money Medicaid had paid for the care and needs of the deceased Medicaid recipient […]

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Bill to allow Medicaid applicant’s to transfer small money during the look-back period

Date - 13th Jul, 2015   |   Time - 11:35   |   Author - Senior-Planning

The Assembly Health and Senior Services Committee introduced a bill to allow a Medicaid applicant to transfer up to $500 per month during the look-back period. Currently, if any money is transferred within the five years prior to Medicaid approval, Medicaid may impose a period of ineligibility corresponding to the money that was gifted or […]

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NJ Penalty Divisor Increase

Date - 29th Apr, 2015   |   Time - 7:05   |   Author - Senior-Planning

NJ Penalty Divisor Increase  Medicaid does not allow the transfer of gifts for less than the fair market value during the five years prior to obtaining Medicaid eligibility. This five year period is often referred to as the “look back” period. Should Medicaid locate a transfer or gift while reviewing the financial statements, a gift […]

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