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Medicaid Made Simple – Senior Planning Paying For Care

The Medicaid eligibility application process can be very stressful for applicants and their families. Allow Senior Planning to take on the comprehensive Medicaid eligibility process for you or your loved one. Thousands of Medicaid applicants and their families have relied on the expertise of Senior Planning Services. We’re here to help.
Senior Planning plays a crucial role in the Medicaid eligibility application process. Watch this video to see how our case managers support seniors and their families during difficult times.

Transcript: Some people it comes as a shock their spouse could have one day just been sitting at the breakfast table and the next day end up in a hospital and have to go to a nursing home. The families are almost paralyzed at what they’re going to need to face. So it’s a very emotional time for the clients, as well as tedious, and we’re there to hold their hand just to be able to make the process so much more manageable and doable during this very difficult time for them.

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