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Company Profile

Senior Planning Services’ founders, Michael Bauman, Mark Josefovic, and Ben Mandelbaum all have extensive background with the Medicaid process and have been dealing with Medicaid from the clinical, eligibility, and billing perspective for more than 20 years. With many years experience of nursing home administration as well as community case management, our Senior Planning Services staff is qualified to handle any application and ensure that the needs of each individual are addressed. We evaluate every case prior to beginning the application process, understanding that every case is unique and may need a specific approach so that the application is filed properly.

Senior Planning Services’ Medicaid specialists are well versed in all of Medicaid’s guidelines and identify and deal with any issues prior to the application being submitted. We have relationships with the Medicaid workers on both the County and State levels enabling us to deal with issues in the most efficient manner possible. Our relationships allow us to have the applications expedited and given the proper attention by the County worker assigned to each case.

Our senior planning case managers make themselves readily available to our clients if any questions about senior planning may arise at any point during the application process. We establish working relationships with the clients and their families making sure all information needed is gathered as swiftly as possible. All information is reviewed by our case managers and submitted to Medicaid as a complete package ensuring eligibility is obtained as quickly as possible.