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What verifications and documents do applicants need to gather to meet Medicaid qualifications?

There are numerous documents that need to be presented at the county Medicaid office before Medicaid eligibility is granted. Documents are needed to establish the veracity of two categories:

Financial circumstances
In order to establish identity, various proofs are required. Examples include (but are not limited to) Birth certificate, Passport, Marital status etc.

In order to establish financial eligibility, Medicaid reserves the right to request a full five year financial history for all of their financial accounts. Even inactive accounts may need to be presented. The primary reasons for this requirement is so that the county can verify if any of the Medicaid applicants’ assets have been transferred for less than fair market value. Transferring assets for less than fair market value is also known as “gifting.” After the county case worker receives the required Medicaid documents, a detailed audit will occur. Any transaction that needs clarification as to where money came from or where money was transferred to may result in a request for additional verifications. Failure to comply may result in a penalty or denial.

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In order to successfully fulfill Medicaid requirements, it is critical that applicants understand Medicaid document rules. Common mistakes can leave applicants vulnerable to periods of ineligibility or denials.

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