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Senior Planning Services is proud to work with numerous Elder Law Attorneys.

They understand that submitting a Medicaid application can be time consuming and painstaking work. Therefore, these professionals prefer to partner with Senior Planning Services for their clients’ Medicaid applications. These attorneys understand that Senior Planning Services has the proven track record of optimizing Medicaid for thousands of applicants.

The unfortunate reality is that, all too often, clients are unaware of the challenge, burden and potential pitfalls of undertaking the Medicaid application. At Senior Planning Services, we go the extra mile to alleviate the entire Medicaid burden from the applicant and their caregiver. Aside from offering applicants a free Medicaid consultation, when a case is retained, we do all of the legwork to ensure a successful outcome. Our all-inclusive service includes gathering all relevant financial statements from the client’s bank or other financial institutions. Senior Planning Services will obtain necessary records from Vital Statistics and other government agencies. We have streamlined the application process so that when the application is submitted to the County Board of Social Services it is as complete as possible. Being uninformed of the Medicaid guidelines can result in significant stress and financial loss. Let Senior Planning Services help make the Medicaid process a peaceful and calm voyage.

elder law testimonial

September 29, 2014

“I use Senior Planning Services for all my clients with Medicaid Issues.
I wouldn’t use anyone else for the Medicaid application or for technical issues that may arise. I know that their staff of over 100 people are well trained and supervised.

Their volume of applications give them the exposure to a range of issues that most law firms cannot experience. The applications are submitted with answers to all of the issues that Medicaid may raise.

I Prefer to use a team approach working with an accountant, financial advisor and my Medicaid experts – Senior Planning Services.”

Ira S. Karlstein

Mature, Compassionate and Experienced
Elder Law Estate and Trust Attorney