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HuffPost Interview Synopsis: Trends That Disrupt Healthcare

Healthcare is the biggest industry in the world today and the costliest for older adults. According to Deloitte, The United States spends more on medical care over many countries in the world. We spent close to 17.7% of Gross Domestic Product (GDP) in 2013, and by 2018, it will rise to 17.9%. The increases will continue as more Americans develop chronic conditions in older age.

In order to improve the health care system and decrease costs, major shifts need to take place. HuffPost columnist and senior advocate, Carol Marak of The Aging Council, interviewed healthcare technology execs and senior care professionals to unveil the most disruptive trends in healthcare. She included Senior Planning Services and our COO, Ben Mandelbaum’s comments in her coverage. Ms. Marak identified nine trends expected to see the most disruption and transformation within the system:

  • 1.  Valued-based care
  • 2.  Management
  • 3.  Prevention
  • 4.  Transparency
  • 5.  Defying the system
  • 6.  Technology
  • 7.  Virtual solutions
  • 8.  Robotics
  • 9.  Big data

The disruption and transformation brought about by the above-mentioned health care trends, can potentially decrease the costs and cultivate the experience of care, and advance the health of populations.

To read our COO, Ben Mandelbaum’s insights, please click here for the full Huffington Post article.