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Will my monthly income impact my Medicaid eligibility for benefits?

There are some common misconceptions about how monthly income impacts Medicaid qualifications. Some applicants are concerned that their monthly income may be to high, potentially disqualifying them for Medicaid eligibility. Ultimately, the impact of income will depend on the specific requirements for Medicaid programs that are being sought by the applicant.

Aside for the general question of “will I meet Medicaid eligibility based on my monthly income,” there is far more to consider. For example:

What happens to the applicants’ income once eligibility has been established?
How do VA benefits impact Medicaid eligibility?
What about other requirements for Medicaid – like unpaid bills? Can an applicant keep some of that income to pay other bills?
What if my spouse relies on my income? Can a community spouse keep any income? If so, how much can be kept?
Do I need to turn over my monthly income while Medicaid eligibility is pending?
In order to prepare appropriately to meet Medicaid qualifications, it is critical to understand the impact of monthly income. Misappropriation of income can result in periods of ineligibility.

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